Whitening Cream

I'm also trying the whitening cream on my keratosis arm. The spots are getting smaller and skin feel smoother. This is also after 1 week.

Reviewed by: Sharyn, Australia On 11/12/12

I've been asked to do the half-face trial. I hesitated at first but decided to try as my friend had tried and like it. And this is what it does to my face. I'm sure that you can make an easy guess which half that I used the cream. I'm happy about the result and will start using it for whole face.

Reviewed by: Pam, Burirum On 30/11/12

I have an oily skin. After using Dermum I feel less oily. The cream smooth and penetrate well. When apply powder it sticks with the skin better. Yet its moist and light. And no irritation. Thank you.

Reviewed by: Chalinee Thepnarong, Bangkok On 23/11/12

Very good texture. It's light and can quickly come into the skin which help my skin to stay fresh all night when I am in a cold room. It's not sticky. My skin feel comfortable.

Reviewed by: Rongrorng Worapan, Bangkok On 22/11/12

Hello. I like its smoothness and well penetration into the skin without "heavy" feeling. The scent is mild and not too much like some other brands. Would like to recommend it.

Reviewed by: Auangpueng Dejkamhaeng, Bangkok On 18/11/12

I would like to share my experience about Dermum. I normally use La Prairie from Switzerland which is an up-market brand. Because when come to cosmetics I'm always worried about many undesirable effects to happen on my skin. I am very careful what to use. I don't trust even mid-level brands. I found Dermum website by chance while I was surfing an internet oneday. Its style catched my eye at first so I stop and read it. I'm impressed to learn that the manufacturer intentionally select only natural ingredients to formulate the cream. It is FDA registered and yet been tested and certified the Hypo-allergenic. So I decided to give it a try. The cream is smooth. The scent is mild and classic. My skin have no problem with this cream. I brought it with me when I travel to Australia last July. I was surprised to see that even at an extreme cold climate, -2c to -4c, the cream texture was still stable as normal, smooth and not freezing. So I'm even more impressed with the quality. I feel more confidence in it. it will be my daily cream which also help save me lots of money.

Reviewed by: Pornpimol Cobson, Bangkok On 17/11/12

I have blemish problem on my cheeks. After using Dermum for 4 weeks it became much less. I'm so happy and would like to share my photo. Thank Dermum.

Reviewed by: Napawan Cree, Pattaya On 17/11/12

I would like to share my comment on Dermum whitening cream. I've been using Dermum a while ago. I normally don't care about my skin tone until about 5 months ago when I had to start working outdoor. My skin's getting darker and darker which started to worry me. It took me quite some times to make up my mind and to decide getting help from a whitening cream. Because I'm kind of fussy about what to use on my skin. I have a sensitive skin and I am selective about the scent, the texture, etc. I decided to try Dermum because it's made of pure natural ingredients without chemical and it does not make your skin whiter with a scary fast result. However, I admitted that at first I was not sure about its effectiveness. I just thought that since it is safe (Hypo-allergenic tested), no harm trying. If I didn't like it I could easily throw it away as it's not expensive. When I first opened the bottle, the first thing that impressed me was the cream smoothness. It also had a nice and mild scent. The texture was similar to that of the famous imported brandname skincare cream that I'm using. It's neither sticky nor heavy and could easily penetrate into the skin. Anyway, I was not much expecting about the end result. As I said before, since no harm trying, just continue. I came to know the result when my friend was telling me that my face look whiter than it was the last time she met me. But my body skin tone was still dark, of course (that was when I just started using the 2nd bottle). I was very pleased and went to look into the mirror myself. Yes, my face's getting whiter and more radiant. It's gradually happening over time. I want to write this to you not only to share my experience but also to cheer you up which I hope that you will continue keeping up the good work and develop more good products in future.

Reviewed by: Awarin Praichaoom, Bangkok On 12/11/12

I've received and tried Dermum. I'm impressed since the first time I use it. The cream penetrates into the skin very fast. The texture is not sticky. My skin looks smoother and feel softer too.

Reviewed by: Arisra Sitthinipat, Bangkok On 07/11/12

Thank Dermum for being a very good whitening cream.  I have a sensitive skin because of DLE. But Dermum impresses me. The cream is smooth and can quickly penetrates into the skin. The texture is neither sticky nor heavy. Would like to invite others to try.

Reviewed by: M.L. Siraprapasiri Diskul, Bangkok On 05/10/12