Use it on my hands. I am 81 years old and skin on the back of my hands was scaly caused by sun-damage. Over the years my doctor burnt off the larger scales with nitrogen treatment. Since using the Celestial Glow anti-aging serum the back of my hands are now completely smooth and shiny. All the dry scaly spots have gone.

Reviewed by: Mary M., Hervey Bay, Australia On 21/04/13

I have an opportunity to try Dermum anti-aging cream. I like the rich texture which help moisturising the skin and yet it's not oily. The line at the eye is less. I'm very pleased with the result.


Reviewed by: Wan, Cholburi On 12/12/12

I've been trying for 1 week and my face looks fresh, glowing, healthy and less stress. It is a good moisturiser. I love the feel that it is not oily after effect. Nice fragrance.

Reviewed by: Sharyn, Australia On 11/12/12

I have never used skincare products except for sun screen. However recently i took some photos of myself and after looking at them i said to myself my god i look awful. I decided i should try and do something to improve my looks. A friend suggeted that i try Dermum anti aging cream, i tried it and after one month noticed a big difference in my looks and a lessening of my wrinkles. Some of the girls in my workplace have commented that my looks have changed and i look handsome. I am very happy with the cream. Thank Dermum.

Reviewed by: Greg Mannings, Cholburi On 21/11/12